Steve Topple: The leak of NICE’s finalised ME guidelines exposes the ‘psych lobby’ scandal


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The leak of NICE’s finalised ME guidelines exposes the ‘psych lobby’ scandal

Steve Topple is a journalist with The Canary.

He is also co-organizing Monday's protest at NICE headquarters.

The Canary said:
A barrister has leaked controversial guidelines from a government body. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has been at the centre of a growing storm. This is because it delayed the publication of guidelines for a debilitating illness known as ME, at the last minute.

NICE’s delay in publication was seemingly due to pressure from people with contentious vested interests; ones which are at odds with the professional opinions of many others. And now, with the full guidelines in the public domain – it’s clear why those with certain agendas lobbied NICE to get the guidelines stopped. But this continuation of what many people consider the abuse of people living with ME has caused widespread distress in the community...


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Unfortunately, there is very little PR on social media. I do my best on Twitter but have no other S.M. accounts.

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If you aren't diagnosed with the disease the uk government can legally force you to work, but doctor can't diagnose a mystery illness because they don't know what to look for, they can try to exclude other things but that means they can send you down an infinitely long process of pointless investigations, and at the end of it if they find nothing they could just decide that you cant be telling the truth about your symptoms, thats the situation now effectively.

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its all tied up in if they admit GET Harmed anyone, the harmed ones have more legal grounds to push back.

this is a hamster wheel nobody can be freed from. Around in a big circle, never getting anywhere.

Was GET stopped in Oct 2020 ?? So no more GET, even without new guidelines? (that was unclear to me from the article above)