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Sterilise claimants urges racist treasury website (UK)

Dx Revision Watch

Suzy Chapman Owner of Dx Revision Watch
From Benefits and Work site

Sterilise claimants urges racist treasury website
12 July 2010

Dear Subscriber

This is a single issue newsletter asking for your urgent help in getting a government website closed down. The site, set up by the treasury to allow people to suggest ways to cut government spending, is full of hate-filled racist and disablist suggestions, including the sterilisation of benefits claimants, the return of the workhouse and the forced repatriation of asylum seekers and migrants. Some of the sites content is so extreme it may even constitute a criminal offence.

The Spending Challenge website at


was set up on Friday by the coalition government and features an introduction and video on its home page by chancellor George Osborne.

In his video Osborne tells visitors that Your government needs you, please get in touch and the introduction assures visitors that:

A team has been put together right at the heart of government and their job is to make sure that your ideas and comments are taken seriously - and that the best ideas are taken forward as part of the Spending Review.

Yet these ideas and comments clearly demonstrate how the demonisation of claimants by successive governments has succeeded in promoting open and widespread hatred. One suggestion is to Re-open the workhouses for the unemployed, the elderly and asylum seekers. The poster goes on to suggest that:

To prevent the problem of generations of poor people, release could be conditional on getting sterilised.

Another idea entitled Discouraging those who do not work from starting a family goes on to say that:

Where NHS staff have identified that a couple or single mother isn't in a position to support themselves and a child financially, they should be advised to terminate the pregnancy (if very early on), or be recommended to give the child up for adoption.

Other ideas include:

Benefits claimants to work in sweatshops which urges the government to also send the unemployed to Afghanistan as cannon fodder;

Let The Disabled Community Forge A New Industry which suggests that disabled claimants should grow and sell cannabis for a living;

Employ Crocodiles in Benefits Offices to discourage claims;

the self-explanatory Stop paying JSA etc to drunks, druggies & wastrels; and

Stop handing out free laptops and internet connections to the unemployed in which the poster goes on to say that I worked fifteen years before I could afford to buy myself a laptop, some toerag who's never worked a day in his life gets it courtesy of the State.

Even where the initial post appears to be an attempt at humour or irony, the baying mob of supportive posters demonstrates that many others take the ideas seriously.

Equally disturbing and possibly criminal are the huge number of racist rants being published by the treasury.

In one suggestion Move immigrants in council houses out of cities, the original poster wants the coalition government to Tell immigrants that they are being moved to less expensive areas. If they don't want to, they can leave the country.

However, in a subsequent comment, another poster responds with I'm not sure that I want to see immigrants living in our villages - keep them in the ghetto's until such time as they can all be deported.

Many of the suggestions target specific groups such as Somalis and the site is littered with the most ugly and examples of ignorance and prejudice, many so extreme that we are not prepared to reproduce them,

The Public Order Act 1986 makes it an offence to publish material which is likely to stir up racial hatred. Benefits and Work believes that this is exactly the effect that the treasury website will have. The content may also be in breach of discrimination and harassment legislation. Whilst we do not have the legal knowledge to pursue this matter further, and dont want to be accused of a publicity stunt, we hope that there are readers of this newsletter who will have both the knowledge and the sense of outrage to do so and that they will involve the police in investigating this site.

The site has a Report to the moderator feature, but appears to be otherwise unmoderated. To leave the responsibility for policing a government website to members of the public instead of checking each submission before publishing it is, at best, inexcusably negligent and, at worst, criminally irresponsible. There are, in any case, so many vile sentiments being posted there, that it would be a full-time job to keep reporting them all.

If you are as revolted as we are by the use of taxpayers money to encourage racism and hatred of claimants, please consider doing the following:

Contact your MP today and ask them to tell the chancellor to close down this vile site, clean it up and dont reopen it until it is properly policed;

Make a complaint to the Equalities and human Rights Commission at


Good luck,

Steve Donnison

This article can be viewed online at


(c) 2010 Steve Donnison. Benefits and Work Publishing Ltd. Company registration No. 5962666

You are welcome to reproduce this newsletter on your website or blog, provided you do so in full.


Fine, thank you
Thanks for this, Suzy. It seems odd that BenefitsandWork don't report what efforts they've made themselves to get pre-moderation by contacting the Treasury site before asking people to write to their MPs. There's a "contact the site administrators" page here.

It seems likely to me that some team in the civil service will probably have set this up, with someone doing it for the first time and not aware of the issues. I've sent a message using the site admin form with a link to the web article, alerting them to the problem and saying that I'm trying to help them by giving their team a chance to fix the problem before they get a load of political flak.

I honestly think that it's just someone junior probably working without guidance in an overloaded section in a demoralised Treasury who has made a novice's mistake, not a deliberate attack on civil rights.

Or have I missed something?!


Senior Member
Unfortunately a lot of this anger against benefit claimants and in particular Somali immigrants, is due to a particular London Borough Council which encourages them to milk the housing benefit for thousands of pounds.

Stories about claimants who didnt like a particular house they were allotted and just went out and rented another house costing thousands of pounds more per month and the council just paid the extra, are bound to cause friction and lend fuel to racists and other troublemakers.



When these sort of stories hit the press then all benefit claimants get tarred with the same brush by these bigots and we who are genuinely ill find ourselves being compared to those who abuse the system.