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Spanish patient with chronic mercury intoxication goes on hunger strike


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Posted on European Society ME.

As of yesterday, July 26, 2010, Professor Servando Perez, President of Mercuriados Spain (people affected by chronic mercury intoxication), has began a hunger strike. Prof Perez was diagnosed two years ago as having Chronic Mercury Intoxication and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

His case went to the highest court in Spain and a judged ruled that Prof Perez had chronic mercury intoxicaton due to dental fillings and that the Spanish public health care system (Social Security) should treat his condition with chelation or refer him to a private clinic to do so and pay the costs. This was an incredible legal precendent.Needless to say that Professor Perez has not been treated yet and the Social Security has been doing everything possible to make sure that him, as with other MCS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephylitis and Fibromyalgia patients in Spain, do not receive proper medical services from the public health care system.

Because of this, Mercuriados Spain and many other associations, we have been carrying out campaigns, popular initatives, lobbying, legal suits, and may other strategies to change this situation. But with no positive results.Professor Perez' health has deteriorated and a month ago he went to emergency at the Santiago de Compostela University Hospital. They refused to attend him and he said he would not leave the hospital until the judge's order for a chelation was carried out.

In the past month, at the hospital, Prof Perez has endured all kinds of harrassment and pressures to leave. He has even been "diagnosed" as having a psyquiatric illness despite the fact that his illness is organic.We, the Spanish MCS, CFS/ME and FMS associations have mounted a campaign to support Prof Perez with emails, phone calls to the hospital, press, etc.

And now, the latest harrassing strategy by the hospital is to refuse to give him food without additives. Faced with all of this, Servando Perez has started a hunger strike. Yes, he could try to get a bank loan and pay for a private chelation, but this would not help the rest of us ill people in Spain waiting to get treatment in the public health care system. The hospital says that they refuse to refer him to a private clinic (and pick up the tab) because it would set a precedent, and soon all the people with chronic heavy metal intoxication in Spain would have to be treated. And they don't want to do that with our tax money.Servando Perez has opted for the brave and hard road to try to change the desperate situation we live with in Spain, those of us with these illnesses. And we are proud of Servando's action.We write you to inform you and to ask you for your support.

Please write or phone the Subdirector of the Hospital Santiago de Compostela, Dr Jose-Ramn Gmez at jose.ramon.gomez.fernandez@sergas.es <mailto:jose.ramon.gomez.fernandez@sergas.es>
or phone him at (34) 98.1950970.

And write to the Minister of Health of that part of Spain (Galicia), Conselleira de Sanidade gabinete.sanidade@sergas.es <mailto:gabinete.sanidade@sergas.es>You can also send an email of support to Servando Perez at servando.mercuriados@gmail.com <mailto:servando.mercuriados@gmail.com>

We are all Servando Perez!Thank you,
Clara Valverde
President Liga SFC (CFS/ME League, Spain)


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HELP Prof. Servando P. on HUNGER STRIKE! Support letter

Hi everybody,

I’m very glad to see this new posted here. Servando Prez is the President of the association I belong to, MERCURIADOS (www.mercuriados.org), as well as a friend and an extraordinary person. He is in a very delicate situation, risking his life to try to get his right of being attended properly by the Spanish public health system (Social Security), for the conditions he was diagnosed by the very same Social Security that now is trying to hide it all! He has been officially diagnosed with chronic mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings, and, as a result, also was diagnosed with CFS, FM, MQS, mitochondrial myopathy, and with a myriad of other conditions that have being appearing over time.

If you would like to help Servando, please sign this
letter of support:

http://www.asquifyde.es/uploads/noticias/ESCRITO DE ADHESIÓN A SERVANDO PÉREZ publicado en web.rtf

(You’ll find the English version of the letter at the bottom of this Word file)

It must be filled out, attached, and forwarded to the following e-mails at the same time, with the subject: “Carta de adhesin en apoyo a Servando Prez” –meaning: “Letter in support of Servando Prez”:


Your help will be much appreciated!. His fight is also our fight!

Thanks to you all, and wishing the best to Servando,

P.S. Please, forward this message to all the people you know who would also be willing to help Servando.


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Hi, I tried the file, but it's appearing as corrupted. I have an old version of Word on a Mac, which could be part of the problem.

Anyway, the chelation part of the therapy is very cheap and can be done at home by yourself. I would be very afraid of using any sort of IV chelation, as the amounts of mercury coming out would likely be too much for your body to handle.

If you do it yourself via oral chelation, then you can adjust the amounts so that you don't get adverse effects when the mercury is coming out. I used a pill called Chelex which contains chelators such as DMSA, EDTA, cilantro, chlorella, NAC and ALA. For example, I was using something like 1/16 of a pill a couple times a week.

You should also spend about a month increasing your mineral intake before starting chelation. You can test for the presence of metals and mineral status by using the Doctor's Data Metals and Minerals urine test. That's about $100. Do one before you start and one after 6 months to see where you're at with the chelation.

The expensive part is removing the mercury fillings which needs to be done by a dentist who is trained to protect you from more mercury being released as the fillings are removed. That can be several thousand dollars.

Rich Vank's methylation protocol is also very inexpensive, and will help unblock the methylation block which caused the mercury buildup in the first place. It will also cause detox, so that should be done carefully at a pace which controls adverse effects from the toxins coming out. I've had about an 80% reduction in MCS (MQS) by doing Rich's protocol.