Sore/tired eyes/eye muscles.


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I have to go out daily or at least sit and look outside. get light in my eyes and use sunglasses for the most part. But being outside is critical for me. just lay outside the house etc. I have light exophoria which I never knew before getting sick. prism glasses has helped in the past. but now I cant. My eyes love looking around outside

Rufous McKinney

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Lots of eye issues here.

Unable to get help from two eye doctors. Worthless trips.

Probably I have Sjorgrens. My version is eyes are mostly pouring....then on severe days, they dry out entirely.

Drops help temporarily.

I had a severe PEM crash from using my eyes for 1/2 hour, painting.

The go outside and let your eyes defocus and look far far away is a good one...

I used some warm compresses the other day.