Some ME/CFS resources


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Some time ago I created a series of blog entries where I attempted to answer the questions other patients most often ask me in chat, or elsewhere, but where too difficult to answer in a few words. This way I could just point them to the blog entry. I think the only time I posted about this in the forum area was in relationship to the reading list (educating your doctor). So I'm posting this here so it will be more visible.

Topics include:
How to find a chronic fatigue syndrome doctor
Managing your medical records
Educating your doctor (and you)
Movies about cfs/me
Food tips

I've updated the reading list (Educating your doctor and you) a bunch of time. I also recently added a resource in the article about finding a doctor. I hope to update the one about exercise soon (I noticed there is a dead link there).

To see it, go here: