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Some inspiration (CFS/ME remission collection)


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Is it the "think yourself better" and "buy my products, I'll show you how" sort of stuff? If so I'll give that a miss thanks.
The owner of the website is not selling anything (at least not that I know). He had CFS and also "cured" himself. He made that website to help other people with the same "ilness" and he is putting those recovery stories up there to inspire others to not give up and keep trying things. Not everyone just vanishes and wants to leave everything that happened behind once they go into remission. A lot of people do, yes.. but there are also others (like the guy on www.cfsremission.com who is doing the same thing - helping others going through the same thing he went through).

I myself don't believe that a psychologist would help me (or shall I say that I don't want to believe it), but I also can't deny the fact that when some personal things happened in my life in the past year, things really started to go downhill for me health wise (the gut brain barrier goes both ways). That's also what he mentions later in the interview, that there are two types of depression. The one's which you have because you really have issues in your life (that you would also have if you weren't sick) and those that are constant (depression/brain fog caused by inflammatory cytokines or D-lactic acid for example).

@Wonko: Those are not before and after shots. The guy on the left side is the owner of the website and the guy on the right is james, who is being interviewed.
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The inclusion of this story doesn't exactly inspire me.

Edit: He has a book for sale on Amazon and some program called ANS brain rewire that seems to be at a cost after some free modules.
exactly although there is a lot of free content it is mainly "recovery stories" and he does indeed have a programme to promote https://ansrewire.com/enrol/ albeit not as costly as lightning process and other such money making schemes
To be honest, I didn't really read or watch anything else on that website. I only watched/listened to the remission stories and found some of them quite helpful (especially the latter part of James story).
Alright, I just checked it. Seems sort of like Dr. Chris Kresser or Dr. Axe if anyone here has heard about them (seems to be quite popular right now to become an online doctor :p).

For the interviewees defence I gotta say that they didn't get any help from that guy - they achieved remission by themselves and are just sharing their story how they did it.

I could extract some knowledge out of it, especially James approach. Because it is exactly what I am doing right now and so far having the best results yet (being persistent after reaching rock bottom and focusing on making a lot of small improvements until feeling normal again instead of looking for that one single thing that will put me out of this).
Any treatment that also cures baldness and the need to wear glasses is one to keep in mind!

Wonko said:
Those are not before and after shots. The guy on the left side is the owner of the website and the guy on the right is james, who is being interviewed.
Oh, bummer!
The James guy being interviewed created his own Youtube channel (I believe he posted it here and got short shrift) and the general theme was positive thinking and diet cured him. He was never diagnosed with ME by a doctor I don't think.

The interviewer also had another one of these stories where the guy actually said what was wrong with him (can't remember what it was but it wasn't ME/CFS) and it was still called a ME/CFS recovery story because the interviewee had fatigue.