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Solve ME/CFS Patient Registry; US, UK and Australia so far?


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Northern California
I am registering, and I am bumping this post up.

I hope others will consider doing both as well.

Right now there are only 200+ people with ME registered.

That's not much for ME researchers to work with.

One by one we could register and better represent the millions of us with ME.
Canberra, Australia
@Zebra, have you registered and are you using the app? What's it like??

I only have a provisional diagnosis so presume I can't register, but am struggling to find a good way of keeping track of my symptoms/activities/trials. I've tried a couple of apps designed for general record keeping and find them quite clunky, and was wondering if this is any better. I plan on registering once I have my diagnosis confirmed, but not sure how long that will take.