So many Now Foods Vitamin C products, which one to chose?


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I had good experiences with ascorbic acid in low doses already, when I start to feel bad, but because of convenience, I'm not taking it regularly as I have the crystals (pure powder)

Now I wanted to get tablets additionally, so that when I'm in a rush or so I can take them quicker.

There are so many forms and products, can someone help me navigate and decide? Two categeries are immediate and sustaned release and many products in each:

Does it make sense to buy one sustaned release, because of the low half life of immediate and then additionally one with immediate release?

And I'll keep the crystals for economic reasons, as they're cheaper, is there a way to make the intake more convenient? Like mixing a bottle of water with it and taking a little each day, so that I don't have to mix each and every time or does ascorbic acid lose its potency when dissolved for a longer period?


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I take a 1g capsule, three times a day. I need a corn-free product, so none of the Now products would work, unless I wanted to take 30 capsules of their acerola product a day, which isn't convenient or economical.

More C is not better. One needs to find the right dose. Too much can convert to oxalates, which is not good. It can be a problem for people with hemachromatosis.

On the other hand, it is needed for collagen production, recycling glutathione, and proper immune function, all useful in ME/CFS patients.