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snps related to lung health?

I'm curious if there are snps related to lung or breathing issues. If so, what would make them happy and healthy again?

Long story short ..... I bought a little house a few years ago, and recently found out an air duct was completely off the vent. Apparently, I've been breathing dust, schmutz (and who knows what else!) for 3+ years. A Pulmonologist couldn't decide if I had asthma or copd, but wants to put me on heavy duty meds. No, thank you.

If there's something in my data that would show I needed a little help/support with lung health, I'd love to know what to do.

Thank you,


Senior Member
Arizona, USA
Look up alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficiency. That was the only inherited lung weakness that showed up in my genes. Sorry, no time to find the rs#. I think it also affects the liver.