SMCI August 2018 Webinar - Educational Supports Part 1

Los Angeles, CA
"Back to School Part 1: 504 Education Plans and Medical Accommodations for ME/CFS in Public Schools"
Thursday, August 30th 10:00am PT // 1:00pm ET

Where do you turn to support your child’s education when your child suffers from ME/CFS? How do you navigate complex education support systems when so few understand the health needs of your child? Join us for a parent-focused webinar on your child’s right to a free and appropriate education and learn about 504 education plans for your child with ME/CFS. 504 plans are a blueprint to guide the school on how to provide support and accommodations for children with disabilities, ensuring your child has equal access to a general education.

Presented by Lisette Duarte, Special Needs Advocate