Slack-jawed as a Symptom?


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It's a recognizable symptom for me. Some foods make my ME worse, and I notice that my mouth tends to hang open a bit. Some other factors can make my jaws clench a bit. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a correlation between jaw tension and their other ME symptoms.

I was testing whether I could tolerate significant amounts of wheat again. Nope, slack-jawed this morning, along with muscle aches and worse brainfog. *sigh*

Rufous McKinney

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the Jaw is a busy place......I've not noticed a direct correlation, except:

it was when I took Zoloft (experiment, n=2 days) left jaw popped entirely, and its never been the same.

Muscles needed to hold mouth shut, it would seem. Muscles needed to hold open eyelids.

Both can be a challenge.