Sjogren's Syndrome: anti-Fodrin antibodies


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Hello, Commrades!

I came across this information by accident, and I want to share with the group.

There is a new "early Sjogren's Syndrome" antibody in town, and her name is Fodrin.

Currently, this antibody test is only available at RDL Reference Laboratory, which I believe was recently purchased by LabCorp, meaning, you can get your blood drawn at LabCorp and if the anti-Fodrin test is ordered, they will automatically ship to RDL.

Here's a link to the test information at LabCorp:

Here's a link to RDL Reference Labs:

I would caution one not to get terribly excited about this antibody test quite yet, because it's likely not yet "accepted" by rheumatologists in clinical practice.

In any case, this info is now documented on PR for future use, I hope!