Silver spray for sinus infections


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I don't get a lot of sinus infections anymore but my Mom dealt with lots of them. Allergy foods were often a trigger and though we practiced avoidance for her too, she'd sometimes still get them. :(

We did try the silver sprays. It didn't seem to help but remember everyone is different.

One thing that got rid of a couple of her sinus infections was steam. We bought her one like this:,aps,169&sr=8-8

The only thing is the machine does offgas new smells and the first unit we had also stopped working maybe within the 12 months of buying it. I ended up buying another one just like it but notice the instructions said not to use it with oxygen and by that time she was having to use oxygen for her COPD 24/7.

We did also sometimes try just having her tent her head with a towel and lean over a bowl full of steaming water but it didn't work as well. That unit actively puts out steam whereas the bowl of water just kinda wafts.

Also she didn't put her face into the face piece as shown and we didn't use any essential oils or vapor medicines in it because she was chemical and fragrance sensitive like I am. We just used distilled water and she put her face in front of that purple part. (If you try these, please use caution. Steam can burn easily.)

Also a lot of people might suggest neti pots. Studies have come out showing long term use of those will actually make the problem worse. I can't find the study that I read about that but it had something to do with upsetting that protective bacterial mucosal layer in the nose. ??

She didn't like the nasal irrigation that much anyway. I do use a sterile nasal irrigation solution like this one (below) when I've been around strong fragrances or my nasal passages are especially dry but only just once in a while. (Those also don't last long as for some reason the bottles stop working but I still prefer that kind to others.),aps,130&sr=8-10

Hope you can get some relief. One time a sinus infection became pneumonia for her and she had to go to the ER then for a hospital stay so if you can, stay ahead of them.

Edit: I also posted some things that we found helped with her allergies and to clear her nose before it became a sinus infection on this post:
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