Sill searching for someone else whose blood pressure goes way up from aged foods (tyramines)

It would help alot if i could connect with such a person, so if you are one, or hear of one, please let me know.

i'm guessing, but dont know for sure, that that person likely also had over reactive mast cells.

that's in part becasue tyramines are also related to histamines (both amines of a certain sort) . But this isn'ta histamine intolerance. i think that if anything would lead to low bp with food, not a high bp spike.

it's possible others with this don'thave mast cell issue but jsut have sympathetic overload and autonomic dysfunction- but there's lots of those people on here who have that but so far i dont' think anyone else who bp spikes are caused by aged foods.

so if you are one, or know of one, or come across one, would really like to be in touch and compare notes.

note i've never been on mao inhibitors and i should in principle (i.e. my genetics) have enuf mao- a enzyme. Anyway, one thing at a time. would like to compare notes with anyone else in the world who has the same thing.

not sure if it falls under the rubric "amine sensitivity" or not, but specifically want those whose bp goes up alot from it too.
I suppose anyhone with known tyramine senstivity of any sort would be worrth talking to again, but very curious to find my doppleganger with respect to bp spikes.