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Shower/bath board: best thing ever, saves you standing in the shower!


Fine, thank you
I wish I'd bought one of these years ago! I get very tired standing up in the shower so just bought a Savanah bath board - a slatted plastic seat that fits across the top of your bath and is held securely by adjustable rubber thingies underneath.

I tried it out today and it's brilliant - I hadn't realised how much of my time in the shower is spent soaping myself or lathering shampoo into my hair as opposed to the short amount of time spent wetting my skin or rinsing off. I also sat on it to dry myself off, another great benefit.

It made showering infinitely more manageable - I think I'd have had to make do with a flannel wash today without the bath board.

I recommend the bath board (fits across top of bath) not bath seat (low stool that sits inside the bath that would be very hard to stand up from). Note that they vary in width - measure your bath first!

I bought mine from Amazon UK, about 27 + p&p. :Retro smile:I see they're also available on US Amazon but they're really expensive at about US$90. :worried:I think they're made in the Netherlands so maybe they're expensive to import.