Short Chain Fatty Acids

Hi all,

Ever since being diagnosed high functioning autist, I have tried to link my gut issues and inflammation with certain foods. Over the years I have gone lactose free, gluten free, low fiber, low fat, low fructose etc with an above average success rate, however if I do cheat and go overboard with my portion size its always back to square one.

Recently after reading an article online how Autists can have issues metabolising short chain fatty acids, I realized this could be why I was not able to have wheat, dairy, fiber/fructose, excess starchy foods in the first place as they all breakdown into SCFAs.

One article suggests l-Carnitine to help metabolize SCFAs but I have tried it before and didn't notice anything.

Happy if anyone can share their experiences and what helped them with SCFAs. Diet control seems the obvious one but any supplements or tricks that one can include? Thanks.


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I have had decent success with solving my IBS-C with probiotics. The capsules sure but also homemade Kefir, commercial Kombucha, commercial Kimchi and homemade "yogurts" based on missing bacteria after I did a microbiome test on biomesight. Pushing on this pretty hard and including all those elements daily has definitely helped and seems to be improving things slowly.