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Shoes, clothes without plastic additives

I get inflammation and pain through contact with modern rubberized plastics such as silicone objects, walking shoes, polyester. Any sources of shoes, especially, that are not made with such material? Clothing that is all cotton, hemp, and/or linen?

Bad experience: I was shoe-hunting online and just found super expensive shoes that came up only because they are more sustainable because of recyclables or being partially natural.

I bought several "100% cotton" items on Ebay and at a local store. Most items turned out to be partially to 100% polyester. What a waste of time! :mad:

Tip: If you hold fabric near a flame (carefully), you'll see it is much harder to get cotton to begin carbonizing (darkening), while polyester will shrink into hard material or even catch fire very quickly. When testing, I pass the flame close and pull back repeatedly until I begin to see the effect.

Any leads would be really helpful. :monocle:

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
Are you in the United States?

I assume REAL rubber does not cause you issues?

there are more such products these days, typically higher costs involved.

There are a few brands carrying fairly good sources of 100% cotton, and often also carry some organic lines.

Shoes- felted wool? or pure shearling? moccasins? I want to get good ones...from Canadian Indians. Would prefer to walk on leaf litter, not my often dirty kitchen floor....
I'm in the U.S. at times (retired just south of the border), but shop by mail. As far as I know, rubber without modern additives is okay. Seems like anything from before the 1990s is okay, so I take that as a good clue. I'd love to find shoes that can absorb some impact for running, but maybe I'll have to resort to moccasins or something like that.