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'SHE WAS MY ROCK' Bed-bound former singer living in silence opens up about how ME stripped her of he


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This article, which I can't see here on the site, shows the severe and even life threatening nature of the condition. Apologies if the article is already posted - I couldn't see it.

The woman featured in the article has been ill with ME for years, but the death of her mother has made her even worse and she can no longer speak or sing. She is in the 25% group severity-wise.

Brave Amanda Hendrie has battled the chronic condition since the age of 11 - but has told how her illness severely escalated in the tragic time following the devastating loss of 'her rock'

From the article:

“I’d like people to understand that ME is a serious multi systemic disease, causing paralysis and many other disabling symptoms, usually coming from an infection or chemical or medication.

“It’s a fragile condition that requires careful management of a palliative type nature and that exertion is harmful (which I’ve learnt through experience).

“It can also be a life- threatening condition. I was admitted to resus in hospital two years ago and have been told it’s a miracle I survived, but others haven’t been as lucky and have sadly lost their lives.

“So many of them have been young. I’d also like people to understand that ME has absolutely nothing to do with how we feel or what we think.

“Everyone I’ve met with ME is very strong, very determined, with a passion for life and desperate to make the most of life.”

The article is by Mary McCool, and it's definitely one of the better ones.
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It's a very good article in a significant uk newspaper, astonishing feat, considering Amandas comminucation issues. The emotion/grief headline angle probably helped increase its appeal to wider Audience
I tried to get MEA to PoST on their wall but they haven't, I dont know if because it was fundraising for 25% group or as it's a severe story.