SF Bay Area Folks - 10 Healthy Boys & Girls Needed ASAP As Controls for Large Stanford Study

From Facebook:

Healthy controls are desperately needed for Stanford’s CFS/EDS/PANS/Lyme research! Do you/friend/relative have healthy 8 to 18 year olds in the San Francisco area who could donate a few tubes of blood? Please reach out to your connections. this study is almost completed but 10 more healthy controls are needed to compare against the young PwME’s samples.

Fereshteh Jahanbani is leading this study and writes:
My dear CFS community, we are done with heathy female recruitment now. However, for our very young patients we need to recruit 10 healthy adolescents (5 boys and 5 girls between 8-18) to participate in our "CFS/EDS/PANS/Lyme" study. We offer a $50 amazon gift card to volunteers.

It would be great if those of you who have friends in the "Bay Area" with children could reach out to them and invite their children to the study with such a great cause.

Please reach out to those who do live "only and only" in the Bay Area, since we need to collect samples in our center in Palo Alto. We have two more weeks to go and this is the last cohort for this big study (1000 samples).

For healthy participants, we appreciate the support of adolescents who don't have connective tissue disorders, obesity, diabetes, cancer history, kidney, liver, gallbladder, neurological and GI disorders, as well as CFS, Lyme or any autoimmune illness (as minor as psoriasis or severe sensual allergy) and anxiety or depression.

We collect samples at 3165 porter Dr. Palo Alto at 10:30 am during week days. We need to ask all our participants to eat their breakfast at 8-8:15 am, and then avoid food and coffee for two hours till blood is collected. These two hours is really important for the study. Small volume of water is totally fine.
Contact Fereshteh at fjahania@Stanford.edu