Sex drive/function?


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Anyone still have either one of these?

After having sex quite literally 2-3x a day with my girlfriend for 5+ years (never knew that was a lot until friends didn’t believe me but apparently it is) I’ve had almost completely zero sex drive for going on a year and sexual function is about as good.

Anyone else retain sex drive/function or find things that help?


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How is your general energy for other physical activities? Are you mild or moderate with ME/CFS, and if mild -ish, are you easily worn out for example, by staying within your exercise limits? (such as one walk a day, or whatever suits you personally.)

If that's the case, it's like a bank account; what is spent one one thing, can't be spent on another thing. And it's so easy for us to start an energy overdraft. The "interest" on that overdrawn account is usually a crash, and serious rest is the best solution to gaining more energy in the bank.

Sex drive can be affected by so many things; hormones, emotions, blood circulation, or just general exercise limitations and exhaustion thresholds.

Have you had your testosterone levels tested?
In ME/CFS there is also another thing that can happen which is partly psychological -though caused most likely by physical reasons; and that is a blunting of emotions. What's behind this....I don't have the knowledge for. It may be related to serotonin balances possibly...or based on great exhaustion which throws the system into a survival mode (don't quote me because as I say, I don't know enough!)

Then there's circulation. Lots of things can cause impaired peripheral circulation. That can affect sexual function.