Sever Itchiness After Eating


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This has happened a few times in the past but has been happening more recently. It seems each time I eat about 5 minutes later I feel nautious like I want to throw up and the main thing is my entire body gets very very itchy. It stays like this for about 15-20 minutes after. It's very uncomfortable.

Has anyone else had this? Since it happens after each meal no matter what I eat, I am assuming it is metabolic or related to an organ. Can anyone advise?

I don't have any major pain so I don't think it is pancreatitis.



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Don't know if this will be of any help, but it could be a sulfite reaction. Have you ruled this out? I've just written a bit about sulfites on another thread;!!/page2

That could explain why you get this reaction no matter what you eat, as sulfites are in virtually all processed food, and often aren't labelled. And salicylates are in most fruits and veggies. It might not be a problem for you, but thought I'd mention it.

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I am so sorry. I used to itch a lot with food. I lived on Benadryl. Have you tried tri salts at all? It can calm down the reaction on a dime. It's basically baking soda with potassium. It might really help you. I feel for you because I have had this myself. As the immune system got worse, so did this problem for me.


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Itching makes me think of an allergy. What happens if you eat all organic food? If it clears up, then you were having problems with some additive in the food.

If it doesn't clear up, then you're having a problem with the food itself.

The nausea makes me think of gut/digestive problems. Leaky gut will also cause food allergies. The treatment is to do a gluten free/dairy free diet, then take probiotics, digestive enzymes, and betaine hydrochloride. Go organic if you need to.
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Hi Bigdreams, sorry it's taken me a while to respond to this thread, but I was very interested in your description of symptoms.

To cut a very long story short, my own main symptoms include a generalised sensitivity (not allergy) to a wide variety of foods, and a more general sensitivity and itching which comes and goes. Fairly recently I've found that the two are related, and that when my digestion is bad, my sensitivity and itching is as well.

However my itching is nothing like a 15-20 minute reaction, the sensitivity is pretty much constant although it fluctuates in intensity - but it is certainly worse just after I eat something I shouldn't.

I get no rash whatsoever with my itching, which my doctors all say is "impossible", and proves it isn't an allergy. So I think the first question I would be asking is whether you get a rash anywhere when this itching flares up - if so, maybe it's a conventional immune response.

Although you say that eating pretty much anything provokes this response, it still sounds worthwhile experimenting to try to find something that doesn't. For me, literally the only foods I am confident in are potatoes, beef, broccoli and most fruit. That's the lot: pretty much everything else I've tried provokes a reaction.

Another thing to consider is organic food: pretty much everything we eat these days is shot through with pesticide residues and chemical additives, so if you were highly sensitive to them, it would seem like all food was bad for you. If you haven't seriously tried organic food, I'd strongly recommend it - I can really tell the difference in terms of response, and by the way, I'm talking about organic produce from a health food shop there, not 'organic' food from a supermarket, which I don't generally get much benefit from at all.

There are quite a few people on this board who have the same "impossible" and "unheard-of" itching reaction as I do, and we all seem to have a lot in common; so far your description sounds a little different to me, but it could be related. I'd be interested in a little more detail about the rest of your symptoms.

I think if there was a single piece of advice I would say about all this from my own experience, it would be that all environmental challenges, whether they be food or external factors like mold, seem to be cumulative in relation to my own sensitivity, so I would personally recommend going to war on all those sort of factors - which include things like washing up liquid (I react badly to non-eco liquids, and something like that could even be there as a residue on your plate and cutlery by the way!), cleaning products, environmental mold etc etc.

Basically in a nutshell, switching to a much more 'green' lifestyle made a huge difference to me...hope you find something that works for you.


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I am getting this also, but it builds up slowly through the day and is worst late at night.

It is a known side effect of many anti depressants so we changed my medication and it went away.
Then a few months later it has returned again.

It could be an allergic type reaction and I have been stopping/starting all types of things like shampoo etc.

I recently stopped my Omega-3 fish oil supplement and the itching went down overnight.
So try cutting out all supplements and then restarting one at a time.

I am still working on this problem.