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Seriphos - not working every 2nd night?

Hi everyone :)

I really need some advice and hope some of you can help.

I recently took the ASI spit test and it turns out my cortisol is high at night (which I suspected as I get energy at night and really struggle to fall asleep). I was advised by some lovely people on a Facebook group I am part of to try Seriphos. I'm following the Mood Cure suggested dose of 1 before 6pm and 1 before 10pm. The first few nights it worked like a dream, however since then I've found that every 2nd night, I have a horrid night's sleep - very fitful, restless and a lot of clock watching. The nights inbetween, however, are fantastic, I wake up having had a full, restful night's sleep and feel great.

Am I doing something wrong re dosing for this to keep happening every 2nd night? can anyone give me any advice on what else to try? I take Melatonin (3mg time released) at night and I tried upping this along with the Seriphos to try and get rid of the bad night's sleep but it didn't help at all.



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Southern California
@ladybug_uk - what worked for me was to take it in the morning. When I took it at night, it caused horrible weird insomnia, sort of like you describe.

I worked up to 8 capsules a day, a very high dose, but I needed it, but I don't recommend this as a starting dose. Two sounds good to start though you may need more.

I read that because of our circadian rhythms, it's best to take Seriphos in the morning. It did not make me sleepy during the day though I felt calmer and better able to deal with stress.

So I took it in divided doses on an empty stomach in the morning and had no problems with it.
Thanks for ur reply Mary, I hve started taking it during the day as well and have slept soundly the past two nights. Long may it continue!

I suppose it's just a matter of trial and error. Thanks for your advice, has kept me on the right path! X