Sending Oslers Web (the book) to key decision-makers: The list


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Sending Oslers Web (the book): The list

I have heard folks say they want to send the book Oslers Web to various officials. i think this is a brilliant idea. so let's actually do it.

Here is a list of folks to send the book to. Please post if you will take responsibility for sending to someone. Please send them the book ordered from
or somewhere online, NOT yr used copy from yr home library.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Head of NIAID
Dr. Francis Collins, Head of NIH
Dr. Gottesman, Deputy Director at NIH (who met with patients and their families this week)
Ian Lipkin, Fauci's appointed virus hunter, Columbia Univ

And when you send it, please write that it is a gift from CFS patients and their families.

There is no harm in sending multiple copies to the same person. It may mean they actually read one of the copies they get sent to their office.

Let us know if you will do this or have done it.