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self-made face masks


Senior Member
In times of face mask shortages, I had the idea to make a face mask myself - in case I may need it some day, you never know.

I used this sewing pattern:

But you actually don't need a sewing pattern. I used a 17cm x 17cm square and made 3 plaits. I just neated the seams and didn't use bias tape (too much work). I used molleton. It's washable at 95° (and a dentist recommended it on the sewing pattern website). You can use any other densely weaved material; another dentist used twill tex.

Here's a picture:

Please remember the sense of a face mask: It does not filter viral particles, it prevents distribution of droplets from sneezing and coughing. It needs to be washed after every usage.

YippeeKi YOW !!

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Second star to the right ...
I cant find it, which really peeves me .... and I can't remember where I read it, in what publication, blog,

But you should be getting a post from @Roy S that's just great, will have a lot of suggestions and couldn't be more timely.

If he doesn't post it shortly, I'll ask him if he'd mind if I posted it for him, I think it may have really important info for us DIYers ...