Seem to have Lost my Temperature Fluctuations


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When my ME first started, my temperature would rise abruptly, a few tenths to a full degree C, when my other symptoms flared up. This typically occurred several times a day in the first few years. Until recently, I still noticed my temperature rising a few tenths when I felt other symptoms flare up (if I started feelingnoticeably lousy, I'd often check my temperature).

What I became aware of recently is that I haven't felt many such flare-ups, and when I did check my temperature, it was generally 36.7, which is what my 'normal' temperature seems to be. I think this loss of fluctuation happened when my PEM-blocking from cumin became permanent. At that time, I also lost the need to take iodine or T2 every 21 days. My guess is that the temperature fluctuation was related to some malfunction in my thyroid system, which has been fixed by whatever it is the cuminaldehyde did.

I can't think of any immediate use for this information, but I thought it was an interesting observation, so I thought I'd post it. Whatever taking cumin every three days for a year or two did, it seems to have removed several symptoms that I've had for 10+ years. To @sometexan84 , this is an example of how one chemical can fix multiple problems at once (took a while to work though).