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Seeing good Improvement


Senior Member
Im on a rather lengthy protocol of:

3x a Day
4 grams Sodium Ascorbate
500mg Lysine
500mg Proline
500mg Glycine
20,000 beta carotene
400mcg of methyl Folate
Fish Oil

1x a Day
200mg SAM-e
200mcg Selenium
600mg NAC
Methyl b12
Coenzymated b12
Malic Acid
5 drops Lugols Iodine

2x a Week
Green tea to drink
B complex

Chelation: EDTA suppositories 1x a week, DMSA chelation for 2 days every 3weeks or so.

Gallbladder flushes (gallstone removal, lost 45 lbs)

I recently (a week ago) decided to retry antivirals after re-reading Dr Lerner's research/studies.

2 Hours after vitamins/ 2 hours before vitamins

1 gram Valtrex 2x a day
500mg Famvir 2x a day
100mg Minocycline 2x a day (for Rosacea and Mycoplasma)

I had a huge, HUGE herxheimer after doing the antivirals, my body and brain ached so bad, but in positive way like a muscle burns after exercise. My joints and mind feel much stronger now though. My Rosacea is also 70% reduced. I also find Im tolerating larger doses of Methyl Folate now (max before was 400mcg once a day, anymore and I'd get this werid spinal pain). I guess 400mcg wouldve been fine but after reading Fredd and RIchs comments about ppl generally needing much larger doses, Ive been trying to add more in periodically.

I guess according to Dr Lerner, I will have to be on antivirals for years and years before my B cells "turn over", to prevent reinfection.


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Glad to hear you're seeing an improvement Charles you've certainly got a big array of good supplements to take, wish I could tolerate half of them. Hope the a/virals bring the turnaround you need.


Senior Member

Great that you are improving on this regiment!
How did you arrive at all this? Are you being followed by a healthcare provider or did you come to this on your own?

Wishing you continued improvement.:)


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I couldnt tolerate half of them until I got on high dose vitamin C. I read about an experimental treatment for aids (I am XMRV positive). I believe the guy who came up with it was Marthias Rath or something like that. And then I added alot to it.