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Searching for Equilibrant experiences/suggestions

Hey everyone,

Recently joined the group and am happy to be a part of the community. Shout out to @Hip for guiding me this way from another forum.

I would say I am moderate CFS. After countless amounts of searching, I decided to give Equilibrant a try. Started with 1 tablet per week, then 2, then 3, felt totally fine. Bumped up to 5 for a couple of days and bam, crashed hard.

So the one good thing is, I am responding to it. Whether it's doing anything, I'm not sure, but I'm responding.

I have since come done to just 2 tablets a day and will look to increase slowly. I'm more tired then I was before. I have also been given Valtrex 2000 mg daily.

My question to all of you is, how did you find your EQ experience ?

We're you more sensitive to physical activity after starting ? Crashed harder ? Improved ? Any advice?

I'm going to try and stick with the two tablets...but if the fatigue keeps up I'm not sure what to do...
Did you do any test prior to testing EQ? Or are you just testing it to see if it has an effect?
@Xisso I just tried it to see how i feel. I did suffer a big crash from taking too much. To I titrated down and stopped. Maybe on it for 4 weeks. Didn't wanna risk crashing again.