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Scientists discover a second bacterium that causes Lyme Disease


Senior Member
Brisbane, Australia
[The new species hadn't appeared during routine tests on thousands of other samples over the course of a decade. Then, over the span of two years, it appeared in six patients out of about 9,000 tested for Lyme disease. They were all residents of Minnesota, Wisconsin or North Dakota.

The patients' symptoms were a little different from the usual Lyme disease cases. Instead of the telltale bull's-eye pattern associated with B. burgdorferi, rashes on these patients were diffuse or spotty. In addition to the fever, headache, rash and neck pain that accompanies the usual form of Lyme disease, patients who had contracted the new species of bacteria also experienced nausea and vomiting.]


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Another title might be: "Scientists discover yet another pathogenic variation of Borrelia"

And to name it after Mayo...:bang-head::bang-head:

They seem to suggest nausea and vomiting as atypical for Lyme - why is beyond me since so many describe these very flu-like symptoms along with fever when first infected with an acute case. Atypical rashes also are the norm in most Lyme cases.

Interesting, too, they note it as a second species. They must not be familiar with the species found recently in New York, or of Master's Disease, or of Borrelia Miyamotoi