Scientist Ron Davis Interviewed by WBUR in Massachussetts (6 minute 23 of Q&A)

Yes, Jim, thanks for finding the statements. This suggests to me, however, that it will be more high powered than the sorts of things patients do now, moderating their diet, and taking support supplements.

What puzzles me is how can addressing a circuit issue deal with the plethora of symptoms and problems patients have: hormone problems, low NK, GI dysbiosis, cognitive issues, memory problems, sleep disorder, toxic feeling, Marconi infections, SIBO, etc. etc.

I do wish we could know more.
I think most of this can be covered by mitochondria, but there's also something else we've been hovering around in the science for years: hypoperfusion of the brainstem. That would have a knock-on effect on the autonomic nervous system, and could be at least partially related to Ron's 'sticky blood' theory (which Les Simpson also wrote about in the 1990s). The 'poisoned' feeling could be starved mitochondria and/or hypoxia.