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I believe the CAA and the VT Association have offered scholarships to students going into medicine. It would be great if we could raise money for a scholarship for medical students. It would require an essay about ME/CFS as part of the application. Students researching available medical scholarships would likely read about it, and later perhaps a press release could be sent to the local newspaper in the area where the winner lives.

Perhaps awards or scholarship awards could be given at state, national, or international science fairs for high school students entering outstanding science projects pertaining to ME/CFS or XMRV. The awards presentations usually attract a large audience--at least at the state level. I'm remembering from my children's science fair days that the military and various corporations gave special awards. A nonprofit could possibly do the same.

Sorry, I did not mean to start a new thread. I meant to put this in the "Think Outside the Box" thread.
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A similar idea is here on MECFSForums:

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""Many of you may know the story of the Nobel Prize, basically Alfred Nobel thought he was going to get an obit like "Merchant of Death is Dead" and did something to ensure he was remembered in a more positive light.

Reading about starting a new advocacy group, it seems to me that if we had someone who is relatively well off we could award an annual "Excellence in Research" award...

This would do two things, besides putting, admittedly only a little, money into biomedical research, it helps researchers to know their work is recognized as being of a high quality and they are appreciated. Secondly such an award is one way we can attract more people into the field of biomedical investigation of M.E.

A public award also has the effect ispo facto of demonstrating our ideals in terms of what quality biomedical research is (Just like the Nobel Peace Prize every time it is awarded demonstrates the Nobel Committee's ideals on what exactly is "fraternity between nations" --by what person the laureate is.).

The most major hitch I can think of is that we would need, even for a small award of several thousand dollars, we'd need a few-well off people to contribute and most of us are poor.""

I think yours is a good idea. Especially if people want to start a new organization--that will give the organization credibility and also promote biomedical research. What better way to signal what kind of research we want than to laud the researchers who do it?