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scheduling of supplements

I have got problems with scheduling supplements and herbals and which supplements to include in my regimen.
I have got sfn, prostatitis and possible mcas along with other chronic suspected viral or bacterial infections.
these days I really observed strange reactions to supplements I do not know it is bad or good, mostly temporary and strange.
for instance I started an omega3 supplements recently and I feel it really affected my pain levels. Black cumin increases my energy since I start wandering walking in house normally I could only walk 10 minutes in a day then my leg turns into stone. May be it increases my walking time 3 minutes more.
I got a bad reaction to clove that I made a paste then eat it. afterwards I got anxiety, tremors feeling of I can conquer the world and it finished with fearful myoclonic jerks.
I am planning to use omega 3, vitamin d, vitamin c and b12, nac, quercetin, pqq, black cumin, turmeric, probiotics and others that I forget.
my notes I could not take quercetin at night it gives me insomnia either from the brand or quercetin itself, nac gave me urinary frequency . also I forget to tell you I wanted to take magnesium so bad however I tried taurinate and malate one gives me breathing issues other make me irritated, restless ( sorry I wrote wrong).
thanks for your help.
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Just a few random thoughts: Better intake time for certain nutrients is only for optimisation in absorption, but generally not neccessary. Obviously humans evolved well enough by receiving all nutrients with meals, before the advent of supplements.

For example, the absorption competition of individual amino acids is very relative only. There are a lot of them essiential, and in the past exclusively possible to get from foods. All of them combined, we still got enough in each of them from food, to evolve that well.

Same with all other nutrients. However, in disease humans always used concentrated cococtions of plants, animals and minerals, to get a more therapeutic dose, too. Therefore less of a therapeutic dose would be needed with some nutrients if taken in isolation, with the specific cofactors, or less competition.

Without a meal, fat-solubles can always be taken - instead with water - with a tablespoon of oil, such as olive or coconut.

An example of amino-acid competition is argenine and lysine. I took both together at therapeutic doses (simply not enough time to take them seperate away from meals), and still received each specific therapeutic effects

If a supplement wakes up or rather makes one sleepy in my experience is often very individual, and would be found by experimenting anyway, sooner or later.

Better not making supplementation too complicated by too rigorous separation, making it more of a chore in some cases. But with lots of nutrients in therapeutic doses, which then never can be taken at once anyway, why not?

A lesson from Ayurveda though is worth mentioning. Other than in western approach, where sole phyto-nutrients shown with therapeutic potential are concentrated with higher percentage, Ayurveda often tries to avoid too high doses of individual plant-powders neccessary for therapeutic effects, but instead combines it with other herb-powders with synergistic, and more important, helping the with possible side-effects.

I got a bad reaction to clove that I made a paste then eat it.