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Sauerkraut Recipe

I am posting the link or you can google
How to Make Sauerkraut and bring up one from Nourished magazine which I think is good.
It is fairly labour intensive but can last for weeks if not months.. I have an ancient shredder but a smart one might be easier..
18- 24 is optimum temperature so quicker in hot weather , longer in cold.
We like to "Burp" the kraut once a day i.e. let out excess gas while it is fermenting in first week.
Little bit of trial and error but it is fun.

The link is
Hi Cort,
Depending on temperature, type and freshness of cabbage etc there can? be a build up of gas at the top of the jar..To alleviate the pressure (if you see X.S. gas just slightly open the jar for a couple of seconds..No need to open jar if you see no gas..Usually takes a few days for any gas to appear... Good Luck