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Ronald Tompkins, MD, ScD announced as Chief Medical Officer of Open Medicine Foundation

Ben H

OMF Volunteer Correspondent
Hi guys,

Some really good news:

Dear friends,

In my role as Founder & CEO/President, and in partnership with our Scientific
Advisory Board Director, Ronald W. Davis, PhD,
I am thrilled to announce that Ronald Tompkins, MD, ScD has accepted the position of Chief Medical Officer of Open Medicine Foundation.

The role of the Chief Medical Officer will be to facilitate communication between the Collaborative Research Centers and Collaborators for OMF funded projects, and to drive OMF’s overall strategic plan which includes patient care, access to treatment, new technologies, and innovative diagnostics.

We are evolving from a basic clinical research focus to include support for clinical diagnosis and identification of treatment. It has become essential to have clinical leadership within OMF to work with the clinicians and patient community. There is a long-standing need to improve the clinical care of ME/CFS patients, and the Chief Medical Officer will work with patients and clinicians towards this mission as well.

Dr. Tompkins may already be known to you as the Co-Director of the OMF-supported ME/CFS Collaboration at the Harvard-Affiliated Hospitals, the Sumner M. Redstone Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, and Founding Director of The Center for Surgery, Innovation & Bioengineering at Massachusetts General Hospital.

In the weeks to come, we will be sharing more details about Dr. Tompkins' vision for OMF and ME/CFS research. His leadership in multidisciplinary, multi-institutional large research projects will energize OMF’s efforts to ignite ME/CFS research across the globe. Learn more about Dr. Tompkins.

Stay tuned on this exciting new venture!

With hope for all,

Linda Tannenbaum
Founder & CEO/President

Does this mean there are some new clinical treatments
the title would suggest: more help for patients! !!!! ??? (does not sound like Research Director)

We got what appears to be the most complex illness mankind decided to ignore.....

Affects all body systems...and is heavily biochemical.

a Primary Care Doctor cannot navigate this maze, nor can the patient.

And you try to discuss just one aspect of it with one expert or clinician...and its : Off to the Next Appointment.

Come home and again try to figure out how to cure your own illness.

So I really hope they can start to develop materials to support our doctors and help us get somewhere...further...than we seem to be getting.