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Role of nutrition in cancer prevention overstated


Senior Member
Midwest, USA
Interesting for showing limits and biases of scientific research, and also interesting for showing the limits of the theory that if we make all the "perfect choices" we will avoid disease. One of the things that frustrates me a lot with CFS/ME is the constant implied criticism of my daily life choices as the cause.

The recent Tietlebaum thread about his "sugar addiction theory" for example.

I'm all for eating healthy. Before CFS/ME I ate healthy, exercised way more than most people I knew, had plenty of healthy stress-management techniques in place. None of that guaranteed I couldn't get ill - and none of it has been able to make me well.

I'm tired of articles telling me if I have CFS/ME I must be breathing wrong, sleeping wrong, eating wrong, not exercising enough (AND exercising too much...yes they tell us BOTH things at the same time). Sigh.


Senior Member
Science may be moving towards proving that many (most?) cancers are caused by either virus or some genetic mutation as the result of environmental injury, or a genetic predisposition as a result of genetic mutation of a parent, or some combination thereof.

Eating well is a good idea for general good health.

I think we beat ourselves up too much sometimes. In time we will be vindicated.