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Risks, dangers, downsides of IV Glutathione Infusion / IV Push? Also, question on IV Glutathione protocols.


Senior Member
I am considering having some IV Glutathione Infusions and want to know if there are any risks or dangers to it? I've tried searching on Phoenix Rising and online, but can't find any relevant results.

I would be receiving:
  • 1x 50mL infusion of 800mg Glutathione over 20 minutes
  • 6-9x 10ml IV push 2-3g Glutathione over 5-10 minutes
I haven't heard of any dangers to it (besides regular risks with any IV). Perhaps some herxing might occur. Thought perhaps it might have some risk like a user on here had with IV hydrogen peroxide damaging their veins.

Also, are there any protocols out there for glutathione infusions? Again, i couldn't find any except for Parkinsons (600mg bid for 30 days). I wonder if there are any advantages to infusion vs an IV push. Would slow steady levels be better or a large high dose?

Also, how many infusions would be necessary to say I gave the therapy a good effort? I am trying it for muscle inflammation and pain. I know of one patient who had remarkable success with IV glutathione for chronic fatigue (not CFS) and it took him many, many months (4-6+ mo) before he saw a benefit.

Does glutathione need ATP to enter cells? It seems (from old forum posts) it was popular to giving injectable ATP alongside injectable glutathione about a decade ago.



Senior Member
Hi @junkcrap50 if you have mercury or other toxicities, you might want to review these negative experiences from people doing IV Glutathione:

Another link detailing issues: https://thepowerofozone.com/glutathione-dangerous-show-science/

One problem that some PR members have had is that the glutathione will drive b12 out of the cells and shut down methylation. Others argue that that's a myth. Here are some threads from Freddd:


There are many others where Fredd talks about the crash caused by glutathione. If you have CBS or SUOX or BMHT SNPs, glutathione may cause problems with your sulfur metabolism.

I have never tried glutathione so I can't comment from personal experience but I've had great success increasing my glutathione with the b12/advanced methylation/Fredd protocol with ALA which is also very good at increasing glutathione levels.