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Rifaximin Therapy for Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome without Constipation


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My 2 cents: http://phoenixrising.me/forums/inde...dominal-gas-by-eating-meat.12735/#post-216087

For those who have SIBO, you might find my recent experience with Equilibrant of some interest. In many cases, the SIBO itself is thought to be caused by loss of gastric motility. The loss of motility can be the result of enterovirus infection. I was positive for enterovirus infection (coxsackie and echo) by blood test through ARUP and immunohistochemistry of a tissue sample.

Equilibrant is an immune modulator. The idea is to shift the immune response back towards TH1 (fighting viruses) and away from TH2 (inflammation) in the hopes of restoring the body's ability to fight these common viruses on its own. I've been on Equilibrant now for over 7 months without a hint of SIBO (by far the longest period since 2004). I'm awaiting the results of a recent repeat blood test. It will be very interesting too see if the tests align with my experience.