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Resource Base for "Working"


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  • CiCoach: The Resource For Professionals With Chronic Illness - Rosalind Joffe's experience with two autoimmune diseases prompted her to devote her career to assisting people with chronic illnesses be successful in the workplace. The CiCoach website provides a newsletter, coaching opportunities, a very active blog "Working With Chronic Illness - Thoughts on Navigating Your Career", her book, more resources, etc.
  • Financial Medicine For the Chronically Ill - Christina Gombar, former financial services executive, now ME/CFS patient and writer, exposes the dark underbelly of the financial/medical system with regards to the chronically ill in her blog.
  • Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness - Jennifer Jaff, a lawyer with Crohn’s disease, founded a nonprofit organization to help chronically ill people with work/disability issues.
  • Social Security Administration ‘Ticket to Work Program’ - designed to enable people receiving Social Security disability to continue working.
  • Amendment to encourage employers to accommodate people with the kind of multiple, cyclical and unpredictable disabilities typical of autoimmune disorders (and ME/CFS)



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Hmmm. Do I hear a light veiled hint? (ok, there's no veil)

I'd love to be able to step up, but at this point I am at the starting gate of looking for work myself. :) My one writing gig looks like it has come to an end and I am back to square one.

Once I get some work, though ... who knows ...
Thank you for sharing these resources. I have had ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, and multiple chemical sensitivities for over 4 years now. I am just dipping my toe into the part-time work (remote mostly, editing, writing, and social media). It is a struggle and found that I get more symptoms (or more susceptible to catching a bug here and there) because of the work. I am interested in learning about other ways to bring in income while managing a chronic illness like ME/CFS. What other passive sources of income have other patients developed?