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Replication study is coming out.. telebriefing about to happen!!


Senior Member
Sth Australia
http://www.nih.gov/news/health/aug2010/cc-23.htm Its really happening guys :)

Think about ringing your local news stations and speaking to their reporters about this.. let them know about this telebriefing about to happen so they can listen to it!! and make ME news.

Let the coverup end and the truth of this illness be out there.

I rang channel 10 Sth australia.. and the reporter was interested and got me to email him the info.
Those in Australia.. channel 10 phone numbers for the different states is at http://www.whitepages.com.au/wp/busS...l+10&location=

also http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-484370 could do with some comments and recommends to get this all more noticed.

the email i sent just was basic


im so thrilled that the American government will be confirming XMRV in CFS/ME patients on the government telebriefing (link above) in a very very short time now..

ive been seriously sick for 13 years!! (with over 80-symptoms in that time!!) and disabled from my mid 20s due to this illness. On disability pension as i cant work.

if you arent familiar with the whole CFS/ME thing and the 25 yrs of CDC coverup i suggest.. all the negative replication studies which werent in fact replication studies (as they were done completely differently to original one). i suggest to read http://aboutmecfs.org/ in the new on the website part which gives good run down of things.

The XMRV CFS stuff has also been posted about by wall street journal if you research.

This is a HUGE day for CFS/ME patients all over the world, we are in celebration mode (no alcohol of cause as we cant tollerate it!), while we await for things to go public.
Please make the CFS/ME XMRV Big news. Its hard for others to understand just how huge this is for those with CFS/ME as they havent been in our shoes.

maybe someone can mention about the blood banks.. i forgot to put anything about that in my post to them.