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My energy levels have not been rising. It seems that narrowband UVB does not help me. I have been using it for three weeks now. However, I will continue with it untill to January to see how much vitamin D I will get with it. After that, we have planned to fly to Spain with my wife for two to three months. They have mild winter but lots of sun. She will get her third covid-19 injection in the beginning of January, so I think we leave Finland at the end of January.

Remember I wrote about my visit to Spain? It was in September about three years ago. What is it in sunshine that helps me? Now I know more. I found yet one more CFS patient, this time from Great Britain, that gets tremendous help from sunshine, so I got excited again. Then someone commented her vlog, that it is not the sunhine or the warmth but the lenght of the day and how many hours of light you get. So I remembered my trip and I checked how long the day was in Finland and in Spain in September at that particular year. The lenght of the day was almost to the minute the same. So it can not be that the lenght of the day helps me feel better.

What other is there in sunshine that could help me? Then I checked how much sun actually was shining at that time.

The lenght of the days at 25th of September:

South coast of Finland:12 hour 4 minutes. UV index was 2. Cloudy weather for a month before I left Finland.
Malaga, Spain: 12hours 2 minutes. UV index was 6. Sunny days every day I stayed there.

For me it is clear. I feel better because ofthe sunshine, because of the radiation of it.
I also found a study to prove myself that this is typical in CFS but also that not all of the patients benefit from Summer.

And then there is the heat, which causes many CFS patients problems. Also to me. I can handle 24 degrees of Celsius in the shadow but if it climbs up to 27, it is too much to me.
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My UVB trial is half way. I had my vitamin D measured. The effect of whole body UVB ligh was not that big. My vitamin D level dropped less than with out it. It caused my skin to produce approxinately 8 micrograms vitamin D per day. The sunshine produces it approximately 50 micrograms per day in my body. I did not use any vitamin D supplements or shoots during the trial. Now my doctor wants to try what are the effects if I both, inject vitamin D and try UVB light therapy, at the same time. This should take some three months.

I also used my red and NIR panels right after each UVB treatment. I did not get any notisable help from them. I am so tired again. Almost bed bound. Lets see if this experiment help me. Atleast, I clearly noticed that vitamin D gives me some strenght and I can again do some home work. It also helps with my chemical sensitivity and deppression.

Going to Spain at the beginning of March for two months is not sure yet, because of covid-19. It may be too dangerous to travel there. My doctor thinks getting in to sunshine of Spain will help me quite fast.🌞
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Now my doctor wants to try what are the effects if I both, inject vitamin D and try UVB light therapy, at the same time. This should take some three months.
That sounds do-able, and possibly productive of better results, and just to be sure, I'd consider continuing to couple it with red/NIR light as well ...

Hoping you can make it to Spain ..... would be a great place to spend Christmas, and it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to some of those terrific Basque restaurants !!!!

Thinking of you @Johannes, and holding a good thought :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: :hug::hug:!!!