Recent Lyme Diagnosis, thoughts?


After about 5 months of being ill with a flu-like illness I came down with back in December while I was in Korea which led to a slew of various upper respiratory, GI, headache, and cardiac symptoms, my holistic/naturopathic doctor has diagnosed me with Lyme disease with some other co-infections including mycoplasma p. and bartonella henesae after some immunoblot test results revealed a couple important bands in the IGG and IGM show positive... however, her diagnosis is being refuted by my group of traditional doctors who also got the results and are interpreting it very differently. My traditional doctors are saying that since at least 5 bands are not reactive, I am not positive for lyme and since I didn't have an EIA or IFA test done first, my results hold no clinical value. My holistic doctor recommends I start immediate treatment with peptides such as BPC-157 (injection and oral) and Thymosin-alpha 1 along with LDN to boost my immune system which she also believes is compromised (My NK cell count came out really low at 7). I'm not sure what to do as I have been sick for awhile now and it seems like it's only getting worse... but I don't want to go down an expensive treatment path to a disease that they are not sure I actually have.. any help would be greatly appreciated.

The results is as shown below: