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Really need help - OCD, Methylation and B12 issues

Hi everyone,

I've posted about this before on here but I will just give an overview. I was diagnosed with Pure OCD in January 2018 at the age of 28. Around a year and a half later I found out I had a b12 deficiency.

I began taking Methy b12 and had a terrible reaction to it which made my ocd and anxiety much much worse.

I began using NAC which helped but I was still suffering. I realised as NAC was helping and that Methy b12 was making me worse that I might have methylation issues.

I was advised by a poster on here to try Hyrdoxy b12 as I may have COMT issues due to the bad reaction to methy b12. Anyway I tried Hydroxy b12 and it helped tremendously to the point in which I felt I no longer had OCD. If I had intrusive thoughts or obsessions I just took more hydroxy b12 and my anxiety was gone. For 9 months i was virtually OCD free.

However, as I have adrenal problems I started am adrenal protocol which contains a b complex. I was taking a complex for around 8 weeks with around 800mg of folic acid in.

After around 4 or 5 weeks my ocd became came back again and felt much worse. This has happened before temporarily when I have taken folic acid but only for a few days. I was advised by posters on here that I may have ramped up methylation or had a methyl trap.

I started my protocol in April and took my last b complex on May 17th of this year. I have gone off supplements (even the b12) for weeks at a time to see if I get better but to no avail. I have also tried niacin which did help somewhat however not enough.

My issue is that now anytime I start to use hydroxy b12 my OCD gets worse....but if I dont take it my OCD also gets worse. I just dont know what is happening as hydroxy b12 never gave me this reaction once in the good 9 months in was taking it.

We are coming to the end of July now and my last B complex was May 17th.

If anyone can help my questions are:

1) Can methylation go on for this long?

2) When will I be able to take b12 again without negative affects?

3) What is actually going on? Why is hydroxy b12 now doing this all of a sudden?

I hope someone can help.



Senior Member
now anytime I start to use hydroxy b12 my OCD gets worse....but if I dont take it my OCD also gets worse.

That sounds to me like B12 isn't a factor. At least not now.

It seems to me that methylation treatment can be risky and leave people with longstanding problems, as described in this thread.

In the meantime, maybe you could look at possible B1 and B3 deficiencies, as I explained in my post in that thread.
When I take b12 it seems to make my anxiety worse. This never happened in the past when I had 9 months of taking b12 I was ocd free. But now it makes it worse. But if I dont take it my ocd comes back in a different way.

This all happened after I took a b complex for my adrenal fatigue for 6 weeks. It had 800mg of folic acid in it. Since then I've never been the same but I stopped taking it nearly two months ago.

I just dont know what's going on


Senior Member
If you have OCD you should see a psychiatrist or a GP. People on this forum shouldn’t be giving medical advice.