Re-activated Shingles, herpes zoster healed.


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I just wanted to post about my herpes zoster reactivation.

I had a reactivation of it recently when I had high stress and I was eating nuts every day for 16 days. The nuts are high Arginine. I realized I was having a reactivation of shingles after 20 years of not having anything of the kind. But I recognized the distinct pain - burning the same and sane location as before, as well as feeling particularily unwell, more than the usuall.

After some research I took rhus toxicum 200 and hypericum perforatum homeopathic, and 500 mg of Lysine four times a day. I was better and was relieved of all of the burning and aching in 4 days. No antivirals needed. (My doc said those have to be started within 3 days of symptoms anyway.)


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I just wanted to post about my herpes zoster reactivation.

That must be a relief to get rid of that!

I had shingles a few years ago. They were really bad and incredibly painful. I started taking 1,200 to 1,600 mg a day of echinacea extract. Within 24 hours the blisters stopped forming. Within a few days the sick feeling from them was gone and the shingles I had were healing well.

Like you, I didn't need any antivirals. I gave my immune system the boost it needed to put the shingles back into remission/latency, with the echinacea and that's all I needed.