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Radio Podcast on Post Covid Syndrome Victims and Blaming the Neglect of ME patients for their Plight.


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I debated whether to post this here or in the other diseases' section, but I think this is the most appropriate thread.

This is a radio podcast on Post Covid Syndrome that was broadcast yesterday. It is very good and refers to ME and claims that the neglect of ME and the gaslighting of patients is why Post Covid Syndrome patients are in the medical wilderness

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Lingering Symptoms, Long-Term Damage: For Some, It's A COVID-19 Recovery Reality

Ed Yong:

- Other viral infections and other diseases have led to similar ways of symptoms before and conditions that present in similar way, like ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. People with those conditions have long been dismissed. They’ve been told that their diseases aren’t real, that they’re making things up, that their symptoms are all in their head. Research into these conditions have long been underfunded. And as a result, now when we have this pandemic and untold numbers of patients, thousands - maybe tens of thousands - who are presenting with very similar problems we really are still in the dark about how to both prevent these from progressing on to something like ME. And we don’t know ways of treating and helping these patients. And I think that is a wholly preventable tragedy that could have been avoided, had people with similar problems not been kind of gaslight and disbelieved for many decades.