Question on comparing liposomal phosphatidylcholine supplements

I'm trying to get an understanding of liposomal phospholipid products.

The gold standard seems to be BodyBio, which is quite expensive. Another brand with a similar liposomal PC is Core Med Science, which I have been using. I just bought Liquid Lecithin by Now Foods, to replace powdered lecithin. It is almost the exact same consistency and taste as the Core Med product, but is much cheaper. I am now wondering if the Core Med product is actually different / superior to standard liquid lecithin at all.

Now Foods says their product is not liposomal, and Core Med says their product is liposomal. I have a healthy distrust of supplement manufacturers in general, so I'm still hesitant. Mostly due to the fact that the two products are indistinguishable, whereas the BodyBio PC is more unique. Are there different definitions of liposomal? Does anyone have any clarification on the subject?