Q&A with Gilead Sciences Inc. CEO


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Geoff Meacham - JPMorgan

There has been some noise on Veriad and XMRV, I am wondering if you had feedback on that chronic fatigue or prostate cancer, I know its been in the press off late and I know there is some publications, but wasn't sure if there is anything specific Gilead plans to capitalize on any further data in these two end patients?
(CEO) John Martin
Actually we are actively monitoring the situation. We actually have a meeting scheduled internally in two weeks from now to talk about this, what we should do. If anything needless to say so first of all we have done in-vitro studies in house with XMRV and it turned out that tenofovir and tricitabine are active and of course Truvada would be a very good inhibitor of XMRV.

The challenge that we have and I think the whole field is to have some certainty about XMRV as the causative agent of CFS. There have been in the past various reports about viruses being involved in chronic fatigue or hypermyalgia and they all turned out to be not true on further follow up. There was a recent science paper, I think it was in science where they actually disclosed that it may have to do with contamination in this particular study where they have found mouse mitochondrial DNA sequences in these human samples which would indicate that there is some mouse tissue contaminate, that is a contamination issue and not really an XMRV issue, but we have looked in this and we are debating what we should do with anything.