Putting the medical system to work for you


Improved ME from 2 to 6
Alexandria, VA USA
Hey all. Well with the increased energy from the fast apoptosis treatment I've been working more hours on a big volunteer project (about part time work). I decided to look at what has been done with cancer immunotherapy to compare it with my work. I submitted a question to Quora.com and the doctors there were no help so I had to start researching it myself. An issue came up where I was getting nauseaus and I traced it to plaquenil dose. I suspect that the new fast apoptosis supplements are slowing liver detox so plaquenil is accumulating. I called the CVS pharmacist and gave her the job of checking the five supplements out relative to the liver detoxification. She had no idea about the supplements (never heard of them) but was willing to work at it if I gave her some time. If you are assertive you can get the medical professionals to do a lot of useful work. Just give them a good rationale and make your case.