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Psychology Today: 'CF patients, more research backing you'


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Terrible name; but some improved content.

The message is finally getting out there.........with all its faults

Chronic Fatigue Patients: More Research Backing You Up
For years, doctors told patients they were just out of shape and scared.

Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center have found changes in brainchemistry 24 hours after riding a stationary bike for 25 minutes that they consider a molecular signature for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chronic fatigue syndrome was dubbed "psychosomatic" by many until a couple of years ago, after an Institute of Medicine review of 9,000 articles over 64 years of research. No one knows the causes of this illness, which may affect up to 2.5 million Americans. The most notable symptom is crashing after a mental or physical stress. You might feel wiped out for hours, days, or weeks, no matter how much you rest — an uncommon symptom in other illnesses.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Preventiondropped the graded exercise recommendation this summer, under pressure from the chronic fatigue syndrome community. In large surveys, patients reported that even careful exercise programs made them worse.

    The latest news about a brain chemistry pattern is part of a wave of research from Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, and elsewhere indicating that the syndrome indicates a number of bodily dysfunctions.


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Southern California
This is great to hear @Countrygirl! So the paper you linked yesterday re the Georgetown Study is having an effect already. I hope it's a snowball that continues to grow as it plummets down a steep slippery slope obliterating misinformation and fraud in its wake! :woot: (I'm a bit sleep-deprived at the moment, I hope the metaphor works, am not quite sure! :confused:;))


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Good article, but it concludes with an "88% recovered after 12 years" stat for "young people" with no mention of the recovery rate for adults, leading one to infer that the recovery rate in adults is probably similar.

And implying that it is recovery to normal definitions of recovery, not a temporary moderate functioning with limits that later declines.


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Psychology Today is sort of like time magazine, but with even more BS. The one thing I found it’s good for is as a filter; anything promoted by ‘psychology today’ is something you should be on guard against.
The one headline of theirs I remember is “Not happy? Try money“. What a profound insight that no one has ever thought of in the entire history of humanity! Of course it turns out that the very rich are often very miserable, but the truth of a statement doesn’t matter to a publication like PT.
Medford NJ
I was a subject in this study. I am glad to know that more evidence is piling up. I was pretty sick at the time I rode the train down to Washington from Philadelphia by myself. I stayed in the hospital. I told them I was afraid I could not get from the hotel to the hospital for the study the day after an exercise test. I asked for a wherlchair to go to the functional MRI.

I stressed to the doctors how hard it was for me to go down there by myself. I felt that even those excellent Dr.s at Georgetown were incredulous that I could have so much trouble traveling by myself and that I was scared of collapsing.

The doctors told me they were convinced this was absolutely a physical illness but that there was huge political pressure for it to be “ psychological “ . The Dr at Georgetown totally validated that this was a physical illness.


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
Haven't read the link but i would like an apology for the people harmed by psycology's lies and a commitment to weed out the people still using those lies to harm patients.
Oh and a refund for the money the CBT camp has thrown away chasing those lies.

And yes i know all this will happen when pigs fly.