Psychologizing has Influence over Diagnostic Criteria


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Tina, thank you for posting this. Here is my answer:

Have you noticed that women tend to be hysterical from the point of view of psychiatrist? Pre-menstrual syndrome, dysmorphic disorder, malingering by proxy (manchausen by proxy) ? Were you old enough to remember "hysyterical paralysis" which is now called MS (multiple sclerosis)? folks, they used to hospitalize these mostly women in a psychiatry ward. These days, diseases like lyme disease, fibromyalgia and the so called "chronic fatigue syndrome" (such an insulting name for a very serious and debilitating disease) are for the most part marginalized diagnosis, where a big part of the patients are offered ant-depressants or psychotropic drugs, while the medical researchers haven't bothered researching these diseases properly, or governments haven't allocated appropriate amounts of money for research in order to find out the real causes. I want to caution decision makers that appointing psychiatrists at the head of CDC departments (like CFS) has succeeded to marginalize the disease even more, debilitating hundred of thousands of people for DECADES and denying research money since the outbreaks of epidemics in the early 1980's. Doesn't that sound a remake of "hysterical paralysis" ?

Please be very cautious in re-writing the DSM-5, for labelling people in a category is a ticket to disabling people's potential FOR LIFE.

Thank you for talking about this very important topic. The people, not just psychiatrists that have an agenda, have the right to have a voice.


Tina, thank you for posting this. Here is my answer:

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