Prostate Ca Risk Up 20X with RNase-L deficiency


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From the 10th American Society of Urologic Tumors and joint World Urological Oncology Federation
Congress Report, posted April 1, 2010

From: (translated)
Diagnosis, prognosis, molecular target in the treatment ofProstate Cancer
Dr. Klein, the prostate cancer cell lines of human retrovirus was discovered CWR22Rv1 XMRV review of recent data, XMRV RNase L antiviral protein is associated with loss of high frequency, RNase L in prostate cancer gene polymorphism 15 - reported that the risk increases 20 times. In a recent analysis of the prostatectomy specimen, XMRV DNA 6 is%, XMRV 23 percent protein was observed. In addition, XMRV infection tended to have higher grade tumors and relevance. Thus, some prostate cancer has been involved XMRV, vaccine development will be examined for their susceptibility to infection.

Did I get that right - the RNase-L deficiency associated with 20x increased ca risk? Or just XMRV associated with 20x risk. Are there any Japanese speakers who can confirm the Google translation?

Either though would be good for prostate cancer patients. A possible reason - and therapeutic target - for higher grade tumors. Potential vaccines?

And bottom line, concerted focus globally on XMRV. Which can only be good for ME/CFS XMRV too.


I wonder if this is just reporting on the work of Dr Klein, or if they've done some research themselves. Tried to find a better translation, but no luck.


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Quote parvofighter: Are there any Japanese speakers who can confirm the Google translation?

Totally irrelevant reply.

I spoke fluent Japanese until I was seven. Couldn't possibly help with any translation. Darn.

If I didn't have a brain on ME/CFS, I would be trying to relearn my Japanese.

(I think this says "whatever will be will be")​