Proposing Vascepa for post viral symptoms July 2022 Eskander


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Proposing-Vascepa-Icosapent-Ethyl-as-Supplemental-Treatment-Targeting-the-Underlying-Causes-of-Persistent-Post-Viral-Symptoms-Associated-with-COVID-19-A-Case-Series.pdf (
ABSTRACT Current treatment options of post-viral COVID-19 symptoms lack conclusive evidence of success in infected individuals, leaving a desperate need for alternative treatments. In this study, we propose the use of icosapent ethyl (IPE), a pure esterized form of omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), for its current use as a cell membrane stabilizer, anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic agent.

This case series consists of patients, all of which experienced persistent post-viral symptoms of COVID-19 weeks to months after incidence of infection. Each patient reported considerable improvement of various COVID-19 symptoms including post-exertional malaise, cognitive impairment, and dermatologic complaints, primarily hair loss and onycholysis.

As a result, we believe each of these individual outcomes collectively provide a starting point in demonstrating the potential success of IPE in treating persistent COVID-19 symptoms brought on by systemic hyperinflammation and hypercoagulation. In doing so, we hope to spark additional research detailing clinical outcomes of IPE administration to treat COVID-19.